NoxLAN 5

3rd Bramhall Scout Hall
28/Sep/2019 –
18 tickets left

What is NoxLAN?

NoxLAN was started in 2016 by Matt (Nox) as a one off LAN Party, but there was a loud clamour for another! And so here we are (currentYear – 2016) years later.

We normally play some PC Games which are listed on the event timetable, and some Xbox games (usually Halo 3 as it supports 4-player split-screen + LAN play for up to 16 players). There’s also some board games for those who want to take a break from the hard graft of video gaming.


NoxLAN 5 – Casual (Satur)Day

The next NoxLAN will be a day event! Saturday the 28th September is the date to remember, so ready up your mnemonic aids and get your ticket!

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NoxLAN IV – Festivities are over, for now…

Thanks to everyone who came to NoxLAN IV! I hope everyone had fun and a good laugh. Keep your eyes peeled for the next LAN, and read on for the games played, tournament results and the prizes. Games For those who didn’t come this time (I’m keeping my eye on you) here’s a few games […]

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NoxLAN IV – Under two weeks to go!

Flippin’ ploppers! There’s less than two weeks to go until the next NoxLAN! Get those games downloaded, utilities installed, and spicy memes prepped and ready for the deadline of Wednesday 23:59:59. Have a read of the various FAQs and get yourself clued-up on what you need. We have 16 participants going, this is a great […]

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