Manchester (UK) based casual LAN Party

What is NoxLAN?

NoxLAN is a fun, casual LAN Party gaming event hosted in the North West near Manchester. It was started in 2016 by Matt (Nox) as a one off LAN party, but there was a loud clamour for another, and another, and another… So we keep hosting them!

Multi-console Halo 3 @ NoxLAN 1 - 2016 LAN Party
Multi-console Halo 3 @ NoxLAN 1 – 2016

LAN party?

Basically, people gather their PCs in a room and play multiplayer games. But there’s also a lot more fun to be found apart from staring at screens!

What else happens?

In addition there are competitions, tournaments, a pub quiz, and a chance to try out various VR games! Depending on the weather we can also enjoy the favourite Mancunian pastime of complaining about the rain. Alternatively, we sometimes play a bit of football if it looks suitably dry. There’s also some board games for those who want to take a break from the hard graft of video gaming.

Board games @ NoxLAN 3 - 2018 LAN Party
Board games @ NoxLAN 3 – 2018

What games are played?

We normally play PC Games which are listed on the event timetable. This is split between tournament / competitive games (e.g. TrackMania Nations), and BIG Games where everyone can join in for multiplayer mayhem (e.g. Renegade X, Counter Strike GO). Other options are couch coop games (e.g. Overcooked, Gangbeasts) where up to four people can play on the same screen. Check the event timetable for more information as well the “What games will be played?” section in the FAQs.

Rocket League Tournament @ NoxLAN 4 - 2019 LAN Party
Rocket League Tournament @ NoxLAN 4 – 2019

Sounds cool?

Heck yeah!

What’s the cost? Where is it? How do I sign up?

Sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the next LAN is on!

Anything else I need to know?

Check out the FAQs page for useful information.


NoxLAN 7 – The LAN Awakens

Greetings LANites! The time has come to load up on COVID-19 vaccinations, PPE, and toilet roll for it is (hopefully) time for another NoxLAN party! The seventh one to be precise! Although not that precise since two were LFH parties… Regardless, it brings me no end of joy to announce said announcement of the LAN […]

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NoxLAN 6⅔ – Halloween Spesh

Ooohhhh! It’s almost Halloween, so join us for some spoopy online video games, and some not so spoopy ones on the… 31st of October! First up is the FREE multiplayer shooter SCP Secret Laboratory, based on the SCP Wiki (a collection of 1000s of short science fiction stories). This game is like no other game […]

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NoxLAN 5B – LAN From Home

Just under a week to go until the first LFH (LAN From Home) event! In this time of social distancing it’s important we keep our morale up, and some social gaming is a great way to get at least a small measure of friendly but competitive contact! Join the discussions on Discord about the games […]

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NoxLAN 5B – Cancelled

Following the Government’s announcement to avoid all non-essential travel, regretfully we will be cancelling the next NoxLAN. So that we’re not completely without games in our shared time of social isolation, join our Discord where we will be playing over the intertubes and keeping each others’ spirits up! Everyone who has booked and paid will […]

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NoxLAN 5B – One month to go!

Zounds! There’s only a month to go until the next NoxLAN! Thank you to everyone who has booked so far, and if you haven’t booked yet there’s still a few spaces for you! If you haven’t checked the timetable out yet, there’s been a bit of a site redesign hopefully making all the event information […]

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