NoxLAN 5B – LAN From Home

Just under a week to go until the first LFH (LAN From Home) event! In this time of social distancing it’s important we keep our morale up, and some social gaming is a great way to get at least a small measure of friendly but competitive contact!

Get up close and personal with internet gaming

Join the discussions on Discord about the games you would like to play and we’ll see about making a timetable to get ourselves organised.

NoxLAN 5B – Cancelled

Following the Government’s announcement to avoid all non-essential travel, regretfully we will be cancelling the next NoxLAN.

<sad noises>

So that we’re not completely without games in our shared time of social isolation, join our Discord where we will be playing over the intertubes and keeping each others’ spirits up!

git gud nub

Everyone who has booked and paid will receive a full refund. This has to be done manually so it might take a bit of time.

Stay safe and well everyone!

NoxLAN 5B – One month to go!

Zounds! There’s only a month to go until the next NoxLAN! Thank you to everyone who has booked so far, and if you haven’t booked yet there’s still a few spaces for you!

Humorous gif of a man attempting to get into a locked gate.
This could be you if you’re not careful

If you haven’t checked the timetable out yet, there’s been a bit of a site redesign hopefully making all the event information a lot easier to find. Check it out now!

Novel coronavirus COVID-19

This outbreak may have an impact on the LAN, dependent upon Government advice.

Here are the main points to keep in mind:

NoxLAN 5b – 50% capacity

Awesome news! We’re at half capacity already and we’ve still got 2 months and a bit to go! Woop! Thank you to all those who have booked early. Remember to pester your friends and loved ones to sign up, let’s fill this LAN to capacity!

In the meantime, take a look at the timetable, and familiarise yourself with the FAQs. One of the games we’re looking to try is Blackwake, a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. It was on sale for £1.49 not long ago, so hopefully there should be another sale before the LAN. Keep your eyes peeled and your Steam wallet primed.


NoxLAN 5b – Get yer worms!

There’s only 3 days to go until Early-Bird tickets are no longer available! Book now to avoid booking later!

If you’re wondering why the cost has increased, we want to invest in some new equipment to improve the internet capability of the venue. Hopefully this will allow for a more streamlined gaming experience.

Depending on numbers, there may also be some left over for some coolbean prizes. Oooh. Aaaah. [Appreciative noises]

So don’t delay!
Book today!