3rd Bramhall Scout Hall

The Scout Hut, Linney Road, Bramhall

United Kingdom


Table layout:

Laptop / Desktop

If you have a laptop, use the laptop tables as they require less room than a desktop PC.

Desktop towers should go on the floor and in between the tables. The design of the folding tables means that they shouldn’t be placed on top, and can’t be placed underneath.

Seating arrangements:

Tables will be on a first-come, first-served basis. I will be tracking the amount of tables required judging by the Sign-Ups I receive, so people who confirm first will definitely get a table!

Bring a cushion / pillow to sit on, as the plastic chairs aren’t the best. Remember to keep good posture :).

Eating arrangements:

There is a stove, microwave and tiny (!) fridge at the site. We will mostly be ordering takeaways, but there is also a Nisa Local nearby (15 mins walk) to get snacks and drinks from. Check the event timetable for food ordering information.

Sleeping arrangements:

Bring a pillow, sleeping bag and roll-mat / single inflatable mattress. There is a much smaller room separate from the main hall which can be used for sleeping

Remember to bring earplugs!

You can also camp outside in the private scout grounds if you want. If you have a tent, then definitely bring it as space might be tight inside.

Hygiene arrangements:

There isn’t a shower there, so make sure you freshen up before coming! There are toilets with sinks.

There is a swimming pool (LifeLeisure Hazel Grove) 5 minutes drive away.

Parking arrangements:

There is a good amount of car parking space at the front of the hall, and we can park along the street.

We need to leave the front gate and entrance accessible to emergency services.

Travel arrangements:

Davenport and Cheadle Hulme train stations are close by, and a lift from a fellow punter can be readily sourced.

Smoking policy:

No smoking or vaping inside the Scout Hut or at the front.

Online availability:

There will be a limited amount of internet available, but this should NOT be used for streaming / downloading / updating (it will be working off my mobile internet).  Most of the games we’ll be playing are playable offline.

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