NoxLAN 7 – The LAN Awakens

Greetings LANites! The time has come to load up on COVID-19 vaccinations, PPE, and toilet roll for it is (hopefully) time for another NoxLAN party! The seventh one to be precise! Although not that precise since two were LFH parties… Regardless, it brings me no end of joy to announce said announcement of the LAN party proceedings and that this LAN will be on the…

Friday 27th – Sunday 29th August!

When you inevitably come to book, the eagle-eyed amongst you will note that I’ve also added a new payment option to pay with magic internet money. Strewth!

Who does this guy think he is?

As a special incentive I’ll also be offering a 100% cashback if you pay with crypto before 1st of August 00:01! Wowzers! If you haven’t yet signed up with an exchange, Coinbase is pretty good. If you use my referral link you’ll get $10 of free BTC as well once you spend $100.

Games timetable is TBC, but will likely include favourites such as Renegade X, Team Fortress 2, and Trackmania Nations United Forever. All of which are free!

Get at least 60% hyped as this dude

So don’t prevaricate!


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