NoxLAN 8 – Announcement

Looks like it’s that time again! Dust off your gaming mouse, mechanical keyboard, and PC-compatible gaming pads because it’s only 3 months to go until the 8th (that’s right, 8th) NoxLAN!

The date of this very significant milestone LAN will be…

Friday 26th – Sunday 28th August!

8! I can’t quite believe we made it to 8 LANs! That’s a lot of LAN. To celebrate this epic achievement there might be something special planned, it depends on how organised I am! Please bring some 8-themed items / decorations!

That’s almost as much a 1001!

Games timetable is TBC, but will likely include favourites such as Renegade X, Team Fortress 2, and Trackmania Nations United Forever. All of which are free!

Take note of this important looking fellow

Don’t run the risk of missing out! Make sure you…

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