NoxLAN 6⅔ – Halloween Spesh

Ooohhhh! It’s almost Halloween, so join us for some spoopy online video games, and some not so spoopy ones on the…

31st of October!

First up is the FREE multiplayer shooter SCP Secret Laboratory, based on the SCP Wiki (a collection of 1000s of short science fiction stories). This game is like no other game I’ve played! It’s an assymmetric, 4 team, multi-class, survival, social, objective-based, wave-respawn, shooter. That’s a lot of keywords!

There are four main teams, each with their own objectives to fulfill:

  • Foundation – Scientists (try to escape the facility), Guards and MTF (help scientists escape, subdue D-Class, kill SCPs and Chaos)
  • SCPs – Monsters (kill Foundation and D-Class)
  • D-Class (try to escape the facility)
  • Chaos Insurgency (aid D-Class in escaping with high value SCP items)

You will die a LOT in this game, but respawns are only a few minutes away as you will respawn as either an MTF agent (basically the Foundation’s Special Forces) or a Chaos Insurgent.

I hope to get enough of us to get a private server! Even though playing with pubs can be a lot of fun, it would be cool to just have our group playing. Give it a whirl, and tag yourself with @scp-secret-laboratory and @shooter in the #subscriptions channel on Discord to let others know that you’re interested in playing.

Memes and spoops abound in SCP Secret Laboratory

Next up is the sleeper hit Among Us, a Mafia but in space game where you run around a ship doing tasks and responding to emergencies, but people are being picked off one by one by the Impostor…

This is also available on iOS and Android for free (with a few ads), and you can cross-play with those who have it on Steam.

Nox sus

Lastly is the Build-Your-Own aerial shooter DRONE The Game, customise your fighter and then face off in custom-built arenas! This is still in early access but looks promising, plus it’s currently 84% off for a little while so get it while it’s cheap (only £3.80)!

Space Engineers meets Unreal Tournament

The first 5 people to book will get a copy of DRONE The Game for FREE*!


* as long as the sale is still on, I’m not made of money 😅

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