Thanks everyone for coming and making this a great LAN, it was great to see everyone and I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Big thanks to the sponsors BeamdogGladiator PC, and Arrowhead Game Studios for donating prizes! Speaking of which, the competition winners have had their prizes sent to them.

Tournament Results

  1. Mocklate Donkey
  2. Tigrid
  3. Pteromir
NoxLAN Quiz
  1. Alexfili
  2. Tigrid and DaveyB
  3. Rebirth
Trackmania Nations Forever
  1. Mocklate Donkey
  2. DanG and DomX
Rocket League
  1. Mocklate Donkey and Petromir
  2. Tigrid and M1ke
  3. DanG and TomB
  1. Alexfili
  2. Foyz
  3. TomB


Bigger thanks to the following for helping with various parts of the LAN!

  • Daz – Prize guy
  • Davey – Tournament czar
  • Domuns – PA dude
  • M1ke – Luncheon master
  • Tigrid – Tech support

Unfortunately I couldn’t get OBS Studio working on my PC, so no videos of the competitions were made, boo! But check out the Facebook page for pictures of LAN happenings, such as this stunner…


If you have any pictures, send them to me so I can add them to the page for posterity.

Once again, thanks to everyone for attending NoxLAN v3.0.0! See you next year (or sooner if there’s demand ?).

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