5 days ’til NoxLAN!


If anyone is allergic to nuts, please let me know, as it may influence snack and meal choices.


The winners of the secret message competition were:

  • daz156
  • m1ke
  • Mocklate Donkey

Well done! No one has managed to get the unit associated with the phrases “Extra crispy” and “Fully charged”, get that Google-fu going.

NoxLAN roles

I’m also still looking to fill the following roles, to make things run smoother and enable me to have at least a bit of fun 😛

  • Tournament coordinator
  • Food coordinator
  • PA / Sound person (taken by domxx9)
  • Artemis setup (taken by Tigrid)

Final checklist

Cut off date for games and Windows downloads / updates is Wednesday 00:00!

Two gifs! I’m spoiling you guys.

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