NoxLAN 2.0 – After Action Report

Thanks everyone for a great NoxLAN 2.0, it was great to see you all there! I’m not massively sure what to put in this, so I’ll start from the beginning!

I arrived at the venue at around 14:30, with a Sam in tow, and we got to work sweeping the floors, arranging tables and chairs, and wiring all the power and network cables. Sam did a great job in taping the cables to make sure they weren’t a trip hazard. Woo Sam! Look at this lovely picture, it’s amazing.

We mostly followed the timetabled games, with the glaring omission of OpenTTD. Dom and Tom showed their prowess at being able to point and click in CS Source, Alex destroyed everyone in the TrackMania Nations competition, and Matt was nuked several times by several people (as is unfortunate custom).

The main games we played were Counter-Strike Source, Left 4 Dead 2, TrackMania Nations, OpenRA and Renegade X, with some fun side games such as various flavours of Dawn of War, Zandronum, Age of Empires II HD, C&C Generals Zero Hour and Risk of Rain. Also played were some fun party games like Overcooked, Hidden in Plain sight and the various JackBox games like FibbageXL, Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party.

As mentioned Alex won the TrackMania Nations competition, of which there is a video! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the video full of larks, japes and tomfoolery, but you’re probably here to read all about the winners!


(Most successful company)
(Most nukes launched)
Serious Sam 3 BFEPeter “Petromir” Brooks
TrackMania Nations
(Top track time)
1st: Blaze Rush
2nd: Power-Up
3rd: Super Motherload
1st: Alex “Mocklate Donkey” Frazer
2nd: Tom “Tom  Brooks” Brooks
3rd: Sam “Tigrid” Metcalfe
Unreal Tournament
(Most flag carrier kills)
OutlastDom “Domxx9” Unsworth
Left 4 Dead 2
(Meleeing the tank)
The Showdown EffectSeveral people made an attempt at this, but I think Tom “Tom  Brooks” Brooks came the closest.

Message me in Discord for your goodies 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who came and I hope to see you all again next time!

Click to view the album!(These are the ones who stayed to help pack away, and got free stuff for their trouble!)

Kind regards,
Matt (NoxLAN Admin)

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