NoxLAN IV – Festivities are over, for now…

Thanks to everyone who came to NoxLAN IV! I hope everyone had fun and a good laugh. Keep your eyes peeled for the next LAN, and read on for the games played, tournament results and the prizes.


For those who didn’t come this time (I’m keeping my eye on you) here’s a few games you missed out on:

  • Zandronum / Doom
  • OpenRA
  • OpenTTD
  • 5(!) VR headsets with a variety of games such as:
    • Beat Saber (by far the favourite of the bunch)
    • Superhot VR
    • Blade and Sorcery
    • Elven Assassin
    • Pavlov VR
    • Dirt Rally VR
    • Project Cars
  • Counterstrike Source (Prophunt, Gungame, and standard Search & Destroy)
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Insurgency


Let’s get down to brass tacks and see who proved themselves slightly more capable than the rest for winning the vaunted and much venerated NoxLAN tournaments! Unfortunately no one had any screen recording software, so static pictures will have to suffice.

First up is the Nidhogg tournament, with some extremely tense matches lasting almost 8 minutes! End to end action throughout especially from Jibbernuts, Chris173972, Milaneous, JayneyBoBaney, and Tigrid. The ultimate winner though was Tigrid, after seeing off all comers.

JaneyBobBaney vs the SultanOfSwing

The next tournament was 2v2 Rocket League, everyone was randomly drawn pairs and then set about attempting to drive cars at an oversized football and each other. The winning pair after a simple round-robin tournament was JaneyBoBaney and Tigrid, with 4 wins out of 4.

Rocket League pros in the making

The last tournament was Trackmania Nations, which I made the mistake of winning. Haha you all suck 😂. It was very close though, with only 0.27 seconds separating 1st and 3rd place.

  1. Nox
  2. tipro9
  3. Chris173972

For this occasion, tipro9 will be eligible for a prize.

(Note to self, do not attempt to win tournaments.)

Sorry for winning my own tournament… 

Lastly, the multistage quiz split into three sections of Guess the game, General knowledge and Game music identification, was also close with a possible maximum score of 64 points. Team Tom feat. Chris stole the win after the double points round of Game music leapfrogged them over Team Daves and Team JARS.


Prizes are courtesy of, AlexFili, and my Humble Bundle addiction, and can be selected from the website prize pool. In case winners choose the same prize, give your second and third choices, or discuss in the Discord channel.

If you have won multiple competitions, please don’t be greedy! 😜

Until next time…

Stay tuned for additional news such as a possible new venue, new attractions and better tournaments and prizes based on demand. In the meantime, tell your friends, colleagues and mortal-enemies and lets make the next LAN even better!

If you have pictures/videos/captures of the event and the games, please send them to me so I can get them uploaded into a single album. 🤩

Bye for now. 👍

NoxLAN IV – Under two weeks to go!

Flippin’ ploppers! There’s less than two weeks to go until the next NoxLAN! Get those games downloaded, utilities installed, and spicy memes prepped and ready for the deadline of Wednesday 23:59:59. Have a read of the various FAQs and get yourself clued-up on what you need.

I need to get a DEFCON board

We have 16 participants going, this is a great turnout! Especially considering we’re down 10 people from the last LAN. Maybe the next LAN could go up to near 30! Heavens to Murgatroyd.

It really is. Especially when its your own fault. I know this from experience. This caption is getting rather long for the size of the gif. I’d best continue with the rest of the post…

So far we have 6 confirmed, 5 more have booked but not paid and 3 have still not registered and booked on the event. <div class=”nag”>At the risk of sounding like a broken record, please get yourself booked so I can confirm the venue and insurance.</div>

NoxLAN IV – 3 weeks to go!

There’s just 3 weeks to go until the next NoxLAN! The LAN preparations continue as the completely necessary wristbands have arrived!


If you have a friend / work colleague / mortal enemy you think would be interested in attending, please ask them to get registered and booked! We’re down on numbers for this one as 8 who made the last one aren’t able to attend this one. 😥

Me too buddy… Me too.

If we don’t have at least 12 (including me) by the 12th April I’m probably going to have to call it off… Hopefully it won’t come to that as I’m sure you all have geeky enough acquaintances to press-gang* into coming!

* Please don’t actually press-gang anyone.

NoxLAN IV – New booking system!

I am unreasonably excited to announce a new booking system for NoxLAN IV and future events. This will make it easier for you to make and organise your bookings, as well as speed up future bookings. Hooray for streamlining bureaucracy!

Having not played this game, I feel under-qualified to reference this meme.

If you haven’t signed up using the new system (e.g. using the Google Form) you need to activate your account at, and then book on the event page itself.

A NoxLAN admin dealing with support tickets.

Please let me know if you‘re unable to function as a normal member of today’s internet-obsessed society, and need assistance creating your account, turning your PC off and on again, resetting your password, or booking the event.

NoxLAN IV – One month to go!

Yep. With just over a month to go, it’s time to get those LAN survival packs ready and OpenTTD skills honed.

If you’ve not signed up for NoxLAN IV already, get on it!

Wordart will never truly die

This year I will be bringing my HTC Vive to NoxLAN, so if you ever wanted to chop floating blocks like a Jedi, or wander around Whiterun shooting arrows at knees, or dodge bullets like Mr Anderson, then get yourself a ticket. There may also be some multiplayer VR action if others bring their headsets!

Superduperhot VR

NoxLAN IV is open for bookings!

But wait! It’s nowhere near August/September! That’s right miscreants, for the time has come for NoxLAN to burst out of its shackles of being merely annual, and into a brave new world of being biannual! By which I mean the option of occurring twice a year instead of once every two years…


Get ya bookings while they’re hot! For now, you’ll have to rely on autocomplete (or even manual typing, the horror) for the booking form. I promise I’ll implement a proper event registration system just as soon as I have lots of free time not being used for work, life, uni or Fallout 4.

They certainly don’t! Well, I don’t anyway…

Go check out the LAN page for more information pertaining to this topic as well as some highly relevant cat facts.